Drive Oregon Foundation

The Drive Oregon Foundation is a philanthropic organization created in 2012. Its mission is to illustrate how electric vehicles, and other smart transportation choices, can improve environmental quality and strengthen Oregon’s economy.

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors, consisting of Amy Hillman, President; Barry Woods, Secretary; and John MacArthur, Treasurer.

The Foundation intends to:

  • Fund academic research about electric vehicles, clean transportation, advanced vehicle technology, fuel efficiency, and related issues.
  • Partner with other stakeholders to develop and publicize materials and projects that educate the public about environmental impacts of driving and transportation, the benefits of electric vehicles and other cleaner transportation choices.
  • Fund, coordinate, and conduct demonstration and pilot projects that demonstrate the environmental benefits of cleaner transportation choices.

The Foundation is recognized by the IRS as a tax exempt section501(c)(3) organization; the Foundation’s IRS determination letter is available here.  Donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. For more information, please contact the Foundation.