Drive Oregon is the epicenter for innovation in electric mobility, connecting leaders and entrepreneurs to advance the industry and strengthen our economy.

Drive Oregon’s mission is to promote, support, and grow the electric mobility industry in Oregon. We envision Oregon as a leader in the rapidly growing electric vehicle industry, providing thousands of family wage jobs in a range of businesses delivering infrastructure, components, specialized vehicles, and support services.

Here’s a quick look at who we are and who we work with:

Drive Oregon is a nonprofit 501(c)(6) trade association dedicated to growing the electric mobility industry in Oregon. Members include innovators, entrepreneurs, and established industry leaders throughout the entire supply chain.

Drive Oregon offers leadership to help partners and members achieve their goals. As a member, you are provided with essential resources, the latest industry information and exclusive business development opportunities for building key relationships that strengthen your business.

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bizOr_color_noTagDrive Oregon is funded in part with Oregon State Lottery Funds administered by Business Oregon, the state’s economic development agency. Business Oregon works to create, retain, expand and attract businesses that provide sustainable, living-wage jobs for Oregonians through public-private partnerships, leveraged funding and support of economic opportunities for Oregon companies and entrepreneurs.