Electric Bikes Power Your Commute

E-Bikes offer all of the advantages of a regular bicycle, without the sweat or spandex—that’s why more Oregonians are making the switch to electric bicycles every day. Contact a local vendor and find out how an e-bike can transform your commute.

Breathe Easy

Just a few of the vendors who support e-bikes in our area include:

Fast Track Commuting
Source: Bikeportland.org: Surprise! Typical Portland bike commute is shorter than driving

It Pays to Ride
Source: AAA.com: Annual Cost to Own and Operate a Vehicle Falls to $8,698, Finds AAA

Hassle Free Parking
Source: Oregonian: Portland daily garage parking rates jump 15 percent but are still relatively cheap: survey

Workout Optional
Source: Livestrong.com: Cycling & Calories Burned Per Hour

Drive Oregon ebike infographic