Plug In

Oregon has the highest number of DC Fast Charging Stations in the nation – making it easy to plug in, and in only twenty minutes be 70-80% charged and on your way.  Key stakeholders – including electric utilities, charging station providers, the State of Oregon, and Drive Oregon – are working to ensure the fast charging network continues to be improved and expanded in the most effective way.  A draft set of recommendations and a draft network expansion map released by the group in February 2015 lays out the beginnings of an innovative vision for Oregon’s future DCFC charging network.

What are the different types of Charging Stations?

The industry is rapidly evolving, and with it, the speed of recharging or “filling up” the battery. Here are the different Levels of Charging Stations:

Level 1 Charging – Charges at a regular 120-volt outlet. Easy to plug in at home or work, this has the slowest charging rate, at only 5 miles per hour. Allow it to “fill up” overnight in the garage and while at the office to handle your daily commute.

Level 2 Charging – This charging station uses a 240-volt outlet, same as a clothes dryer, and is typically installed at home or in a commercial setting. Oregon has hundreds of these stations in public settings, too. You can get up to 20 miles per charging hour.

DC Fast Charging – The fastest to date, it charges up to 80 miles per twenty minutes of charging. Oregon has more public DC Fast Chargers than any other state, along the West Coast Electric Highway.

Where to “Fill Up”

There are a number of online maps and mobile apps to help you find the charging station near you and along your planned route. 

West Coast Electric Highway →
Head up or down I-5 on the West Coast Electric Highway – an extensive network of DC fast charging stations and Level 2 charging pedestals located every 25 to 50 miles along Interstate 5 and other major roadways in the Pacific Northwest.

PlugShare →
An interactive map of Charging Stations across the U.S. and beyond, with a downloadable app. This site features crowd-sourced station entries and reviews, for a valuable on-the-ground perspective.


Cruise Oregon’s Electric Byways

For a trip through wine country, or to the slopes of Mt. Hood, Travel Oregon offers a wide array of electric vehicle itineraries.

Travel Oregon →
Explore Oregon in your electric vehicle!


Interested in learning about Home or Workplace charging?

Check out these guides:

Home Charging Guide →
Many find the easiest place to charge their electric vehicle is at home. Learn about using a standard outlet, as well as the benefits of installing a more efficient electric vehicle charger at home. Take a look at PluginCars Quick Guide to Buying Your First Home Electric Vehicle Charger.

Charging at Work →
Workplace Charging and Public Charging are options for filling up when you’re on the go.