Forth's mission is to electrify transportation by bringing people together to create solutions that reduce pollution and barriers to access.

Forth Is Changing The Way We Get Around

We're increasing equitable access to electric cars, charging and emerging modes through programs, policies and events.

Our Work

Advancing Clean and Equitable Transportation

Forth envisions a world where clean and equitable transportation systems move everyone and everything.

We work in partnership to build lasting program and policy models that significantly expand equitable access to electric transportation in the U.S. and beyond.

Our Focus Areas

Access to Electric Cars
  • National EV outreach and education
  • Providing financial tools to reduce cost barriers to EV adoption 
  • EV carsharing for community-based organizations
  • Helping gig drivers go electric
  • Increasing awareness and access to smart transportation, especially in traditionally underserved communities
Access to Electric Cars
Access to Charging
  • Ensuring public charging investments are efficient, effective, and grounded in equity 
  • Making charging at work as simple and affordable as parking
  • Making it as affordable and easy to charge in an apartment as in a single-family home
Access to Charging
Events & Partnerships
  • Forth Roadmap Conference
  • Convening diverse stakeholders, including communities traditionally excluded from new technology, to share information, network and collaborate
  • Strengthening equity partnerships to advance transportation electrification 
  • Influencing transportation electrification at the federal level
  • Advancing electric transportation in states
Emerging Modes
  • Increasing access to micromobility nationally
  • Electrifying farm equipment nationally
  • Accelerating efforts to electrify U.S. school buses
  • Supporting e-mobility in lower-income countries worldwide
  • Building a post-oil transportation finance system
Emerging Modes

Our Strategic Plan

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